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LEARN/TRAIN TO RACE – The Team Hutt U16 program is designed for 14-15 year old athletes, building on past experiences and further developing their mental, physical and technical skills. Through more self-reflection and use of log books/journals athletes will learn to link their outcomes with their preparations, working towards more autonomy and responsibility for their actions.

Team Hutt Under 16 Full Program

The experienced, professional staff will encourage clear communication of goals and provide appropriate challenges through free-skiing, drills, and training environments that mimic race situations.

The program includes up to four days per week training or racing which will be scheduled by the program director.

Coaches are available to attend all Interfields, National Points and Youth Cup races held at Mt Hutt only. Excludes race entry fees and tickets. Away-races will incur additional costs to cover expenses, and each event will be discussed.

Additional training is available by arrangement with Program Director at a cost of $125pp/day for Team Hutt members, subject to numbers and availability. If you wish to ski 5 days/week, then please sign up to the FIS program.

We encourage all parents to take out their own insurance for unforeseen circumstances.  We DO NOT provide refunds for the program.  This includes, but not limited to, sickness, injury, weather, mountain closure, pandemic, family issues, or exclusions from the program resulting from breach of our Code of Conduct.

All programs are based on age, but athletes may be grouped based on individual ability and groups may be paired together based on numbers.

* Program Times: The daily scheduled training times are an outline, and may be subject to change based on weather, safety, athlete fatigue, or mountain closure. If the mountain is open, we will endeavour to operate for a minimum of one hour and a maximum of five hours.

For more information contact the Team Hutt Program Director Chris Mosaed.

2020 Program Dates

Start: Saturday 27th June
Finish: Saturday 4th October

Program Times

9:00am – 12:00pm *
1:00pm – 3:00pm *

Year of Birth

2005 – 2006


$4,499 for Canterbury based athletes.

1st installment due on sign-up: $2,700

2nd installment due 15th July: $1,799

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